Wanja - Special Edition - WGT8

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WANJA: Special Edition - WGT8

The Wanja Special Edition roars with a revived heart and the slow beast has gotten upgrades to many aspects of the base XL6 and improvements include a new engine, gearbox, differential, brakes, suspension, and tires. The only part that have not changed are the sway bars, exhaust and cooling components. Even though many upgrades were made, the Wanja SE has a lower weight than the base model.

Now driven by a 4.5L (4500cc) V8 engine that has a Special Edition carburettor, low profile supercharger and also Special Edition ignition wiring. 581Hp and 757 Nm of torque is given off by the WGT8 engine which reaches 225km/h in top speed, more than 100km/h than the XL6 variant.

A 4 speed gearbox with a shifting time of 0.5 seconds and first gear ratio of 3.25 is connected to a rear wheel drive 2.85 differential.

Stiffer and lowered sport suspension with less ground clearance gives more downforce has been added and sport front and rear disk brakes have increased braking force. 245/40x20 slick tires have replaced the standard road tires for added grip on track surfaces.

A price of $29800 can be spent to buy a new Wanja Sport Edition. The increase of $13801 has been well spent and overall performance has certainly been improved.