Panania - Sport - SVX6

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With a variety of changes, in many categories, the Panania Sport is definitely a model to look forward to. Changes that were made all add the ‘sport’ to this car, but the price tag of a huge $42900 is money that could have been spent more wisely on something else.

Now revving with a 3.0L (2997cc) V6 engine, the Sport model does a top speed of 230km/h. It is able to put out a mean 396Hp and 399Nm of torque. This helps the engine reach over 9000 RPM and has a power band between 7000 and 9000 RPM where the power really can be felt. Now with a 6 speed gearbox, the sixth gear came both as a surprise and also as something that was needed to help keep the car from over revving in the fifth gear and the first ratio being 3.20 and shifting time of 0.4 seconds, this gearbox suits the engine really well. The sports differential has a ratio of 4.20 and is locked on the rear wheels.

A stiffer suspension helps balance the 1334.5kg chassis and makes smoother cornering and better weight distribution. The damping force is higher and spring rate has also increased. Standard brakes have been upgraded to 290mm sport brakes with a rear brake force of 840 and front brake force of 1300. The sway bars were not changed.Steel rims were swapped out for alloy rims with the same size of 245x20 and also run on street tires of 245x40R20.